The Hidden Mathematics of WD Gann’s Market Forecasting

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WD Gann was famous for his unique methods and bold market predictions.

In 1909, he predicted the prices of Wheat, which made him famous and helped him to establish his name as one of the great market forecasters.

With the help of his forecasting methods, which are based on geometry, astronomy, and ancient mathematics, Gann boldly predicted that wheat prices would reach $1.20 per bushel by the end of September.

That was a bold prediction because, during that time, Wheat’s daily trading range was only 1′ cent.

But Gann was so sure of his prediction that he bet on it. He made a long position in the September wheat contract.

Then, on the last trading day of September 1909, Wheat was trading at around 1.07$, and at that time, Gann said if Wheat didn’t reach $1.20, that would mean there is something wrong with my calculations.

WD Gann bold market predictions chart of 1909 Wheat Prediction

As the day unfolded, wheat prices rose from 1.07$ to the predicted 1.20$ in the last hour of trading, proving Gann right.

After his bold wheat prediction, Gann became famous for his forecasting skills and for predicting market movements.

My research shows that the secret behind this bold prediction of Gann was based on a hidden mathematical formula.

He used the historical price of Wheat and then applied a secret hidden mathematical formula to project the future price of Wheat. I have checked it multiple times and verified it with the formulas in his book ‘Tunnel Through The Air’.

One of our courses, “Looking Ahead,” teaches an identical skill for forecasting market highs and lows on the Intraday level.

Looking Ahead WD Gann Forecasting Technique for Price Projection

Here are last week’s Intraday Price Projections of Nifty 50 Index on a 5-minute chart.

Intraday Price Projections of Nifty 50 Index by using the WD Gann Forecasting Secret Method

Last week, three swing points (high/low) occurred in the Nifty 50 Index, and ‘Looking Ahead’ accurately predicted all of them. It was possible to identify all three significant price swings before they actually happened.

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