Testimonial About “Looking Ahead” Course

” …Your trading methods are invaluable. Using the ‘Looking Ahead’ course. I was able to catch the exact low in Nifty today. Thank you for sharing such a powerful yet simple strategy! …”

R.K (“Looking Ahead” Course Student)

Testimonial About “WD Gann Time Squaring Technique” Course

I was completely blown away by the Mathematical techniques and Perspectives introduced in the course.

It opened up a new way of viewing charts and Past swing points. Learning how a single timing point in the past could set the stage for future turns was especially fascinating.

Thanks for sharing such Unique Knowledge. I can now easily and quickly locate Upcoming turning points in the Future.

M.W (Time Squaring Technique Course Student)

Testimonial About “Looking Ahead” Course

” …In my dream, I never imagined these approaches would work in the market. In your trading career, you discovered great things, sir! …”

– P.V (“Looking Ahead” Course Student)

“I was full of doubts before joining the Hook Timing Method course!“

I invested 2,00,000 INR in other Gann trading courses before, and I always got disappointed because I did not get what the trainer promised me. It was painful to spend hard-earned money on something that only brings you disappointment.

On another day, while browsing the internet, I found Divesh’s Hook Timing Method course. But I doubted whether it would work for me. Or it is just another course that would bring me pain and disappointment.

Even so, I emailed Divesh for the course details. During the discussion, Divesh removed all my doubts about his course.

So, I joined the course with a bit of doubt. And after finishing the course, I found it was the best decision.

I was amazed and speechless at how far my trading knowledge could go. The techniques explained in the course are different from other courses. It delivers the knowledge (tools and methods) a trader should have. As a result, the course offered more value than what Divesh promised me.

I highly recommend the Hook Timing Method course to every trader who wants to learn rule-based trading strategies. It’s the most powerful and robust trading technique out there.

Ravi Sardesai (‘Hook Timing Method’ Course Student)

” …Using the TREND SQUARE method, I was able to catch early moves. While people were still waiting for a pattern, I would have already finished my trade! …”

I’ve taken several courses from Divesh and have great faith in his tools and techniques. I used my profits from the last course (True Market Rhythm Course) to learn this method.

After reading the Trend Square method, I started paper trading. And in the following 15-20 days, I got 12 trades in the BTCUSD pair.

Only 1 of those failed, and the other 11 were total wins. 

For a beginner in the trend square method, achieving this kind of accuracy shows how simple and powerful the method is!

One of the most valuable things was having the writings in PDF format. That allowed me to open the pdf side by side with the real market and look for chart examples.

The other exciting thing is that by using this technique, I could catch early moves.

While people were still waiting for a pattern, I would have already finished my trade. Having TMR and Trend Square is a powerful and helpful combo that has worked great for me with trading.

I recommend this method as it is quite simple and powerful. I have seen it working in my 12 paper trades and have seen how the market reacts to that level. I also recommend practising while taking the course to get the most out of the learning. 

 -A.B (Trend Square Course Student)

” …I thought the Signs of Changes in Trends course would not teach anything I didn’t already know, but after reading only 2-3 pages of the book, I found this was a new trading method! …”

I have bought several courses from Divesh. When I came across this one, I assumed it would be a review of the old techniques, and I wouldn’t learn anything new.

However, I emailed Divesh, and he assured me that this course has unique and useful trading strategies. So, I decided to join the course.

After reading only 2-3 pages of the book (course), it becomes clear that there is no recap. It’s a brand-new trading approach.

In the course, Divesh explains the methods with many examples. He also explains the breakdown of Gann’s writing, which helped him decode and develop this technique. I don’t have words to describe how helpful this method is for me in timing the trades.

I highly recommend this course to every trader who wants to understand the Psychology of buyers and sellers. The course and the strategies taught within it explain very well how and when one of them loses their ‘control’ and the other gains it.

Harris Parker (“Signs of Changes in Trend” Course Student)

“I found Divesh to be very helpful and honest; He gave me all the needed information and told me no method works 100% of the time!“

I do not write reviews or ratings, not even on Amazon or Flipkart. However, I took the time to write this testimonial for three reasons:

First, I like helping others, and this course is what people need to trade successfully.

Second, Divesh was very helpful and truthful. I emailed him before buying the course to find out the details. He answered all my questions and made everything clear. Also, he told me that no method works 100%. So don’t expect to win every single time you use this technique.

Instead of tricking me into believing the method would perform 100%, Divesh was honest and transparent.

Third, I could only find one other trainer who offered Gann Courses. I don’t want to say the course was bad. However, I traded with the suggested methods, which didn’t work well.

When I found Divesh’s website, I wasn’t looking for another course. Instead, I was trying to find details to show my elder brother since he is a huge doubter who says that trainers do not teach the real Gann methods and only promise wrong things.

After finding the site and getting truthful information, I tried it. So, I speak from experience when I say to try this course. You will not be disappointed.

Kalimohan Reddy (‘Hook Timing Method’ Course Student)

” …I thought it was better to have a YouTube premium rather than access this course because most trading courses are not worthy nowadays! …”

Before joining the course, I believed that my knowledge of various trading methods was enough to make consistent profits.

I depended on free videos on the Internet, such as technical tutorials and basics. I feel that knowledge of free videos is enough to learn all the skills needed for trading.

Then I found the Trend Square course from Divesh. Initially, it seemed like an ordinary course.

I thought having a YouTube premium rather than accessing this course was better because most trading courses are not worth it nowadays.

But later, I decided to join the course. I talked with Divesh. He pointed out the possible struggles that I never saw coming. He knows the kind of knowledge every trader must have to succeed in markets, so I took the chance and joined the course.

After joining the course, it was an unbelievable experience.

It’s like discovering more parts of yourself you didn’t know existed. The content of the course is worth what it costs.

No matter what trading tools or methods you already use. I highly recommend the Trend Square course to every trader who wants to make consistent profits.

You never know when the next trend reversal will come. But if you hold a copy of the Trend Square course, you’ll be ready for most of the upcoming price turns.

 Siddharth Bishnoi (Trend Square Course Student)

I was doubtful about spending money on the course Signs of Changes in Trend!

” …I was doubtful about joining the Signs of Changes in Trend course when I first found out about it because I didn’t want to spend money on a course that could be a recap of the older methods that I purchased from Divesh.! …”

I’m glad I brought the course, though. The course is nothing like what I expected.

The methods taught in the course are unique and simple to use. They’re helpful and a steal for the value received. Before purchasing the course, I couldn’t believe that such trading methods existed. However, after taking it, I was surprised to see the methods Divesh explained in the book.

I am using everything I learned in the course in the live market and getting excellent results. I quickly earned all the money I spent on the course.

I highly recommend this and other Divesh courses to every trader who wants to gain a deeper knowledge of Gann methods.

T.Bhardwaj (“Signs of Changes in Trend” Course Student)

” …I learned one of Gann’s secret methods that only a few traders knew! …”

There are many courses available to learn the Gann methods. However, after trying a few courses, I discovered they only teach what I can already learn from Google and YouTube for free.

That’s why I was unsure if I should invest in Divesh’s TREND SQUARE course or not.

However, I took the risk and purchased the course. After joining the Trend Square course, I learned one of Gann’s secret methods, which only a few traders knew about and which is also not available anywhere on the internet.

In today’s world, where trainers claim all sorts of things, it’s nice to deal with someone who speaks the truth.

 Kamal Rajora (Trend Square Course Student)