Time is a Critical Factor in Trading

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Time is one of the most critical factors in financial markets. Yet, many traders ignore it and focus only on the price factor.

Lack of access to authentic resources is the primary reason traders ignore time and focus on price.

Information about time factor in the markets found on the internet (Google, YouTube) contains a lot of misinformation or is so complex that traders and investors find it challenging to apply that information in the markets.

For example, many researchers use complicated software to calculate and analyze time.

But the truth is one does not need special software to calculate and study time. All one needs is historical data for the market he is interested in.

At the time of WD Gann, there wasn’t any software(s), yet he managed to take advantage of the time factor to achieve his trading and investing goals. Want to know how Gann achieved this? Then keep reading to discover one of the secrets that Gann and the laws of nature hold within them.

Gann used Geometry to understand the working of the time factor in the markets.

According to him, time and geometry are closely connected, and one can measure time’s progression using geometry. Gann uses Geometry to divide time into distinct units. That allows him to measure time and understand how it works.

Time and geometry are also related in the sense of shape and form.

The shapes we observe in the physical world are created through the geometry of time. For example, a circle, square, or triangle is created due to the passing of time because the circumference of these shapes doesn’t change over time.

time factor in the markets

If you are familiar with Gann’s work, then you are probably aware that Gann frequently discusses the circle, square, and triangle in his books and courses on a consistent basis.

However, the million-dollar question is how Gann applied Geometry (circle, square, and triangle) to the charts to use the time factor.

Well, the answer to that question is simple and can be found within the pages of our forthcoming course, the ‘Gann Time Squaring’ technique.

Within the course, one will learn a very simplistic way to use the time factor in the markets. This is one of Gann techniques to identify turning points in time. Due to its ability to predict turns accurately, I found this time structure quite helpful. This is hard-earned knowledge of the time factor that involves a simple mathematical calculation to identify future turning points.

To get more information about the ‘Gann Time Squaring’ technique course, email me at divesh@gann-trade-secrets.com.

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