The Truth About Timeframes (and Why They Matter in Understanding WD Gann’s Major Work)

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Timeframes are an underrated hero in the trading world.

The seconds ticking on a clock may seem small, but they’re essential. Without them, the entire picture would be incomplete.

Even WD Gann viewed timeframes as a Whole big part of the market.

That’s one of WD Gann’s work’s most unknown and overlooked aspects. Despite this, I took a risk and explored this area where other Gann researchers hesitated.

timeframes as a Whole big part

Solving the Mystery of Timeframes in the WD Gann Trading Strategies

There is a misconception about timeframes in the Gann trading strategies. This misunderstanding is because Gann’s methods involve Numbers and graphical work. But this intricacy makes some people forget about Simpler things like timeframes.

However, forgetting timeframes when using the trading Methods of WD Gann is like trying to finish a puzzle but ignoring some pieces. The puzzle won’t make sense, nor will Gann’s strategies if you don’t consider timeframes.

The Interplay of Timeframes in Gann’s Work

Gann viewed the market as an ecosystem where all things are interconnected. He relied on the Interplay of Price and Time to accurately understand market trends.

This level of understanding enables him to study Price changes across different timeframes more accurately. It also helps him Project market movements and future highs and lows.

Even Gann’s concept that the market has a “Memoryheavily relies on timeframes. This theory suggests that analyzing previous Market cycles can help forecast future outcomes.

A Breakthrough and New Perspective: ‘Looking Ahead’

It’s easy to get lost in the depths of the Gann trading strategies, especially when trying to understand the truth about timeframes and their critical role in trading. That’s where my upcoming course, ‘Looking Ahead,‘ comes into play.

Looking Ahead will reveal the WD Gann mathematical trading secret of timeframes, which has been largely unknown for decades. It’s based upon the unchanging Laws of nature that will help to find future highs and lows on the intraday charts.

If you’d like to learn more about the “Looking Ahead” course, then feel free to send me an email at I’ll be happy to provide you with all the details you need. – Divesh.

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