Beyond the Illusion of Time: Why More Information May Not Always Lead to Better Trading Decisions

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In trading and investing, two key concepts are crucial to understand: spotting trends early and dealing with the non-linear nature of time.

While these may seem like unrelated ideas, they are, in fact, naturally linked in ways that can unlock substantial profit opportunities.

Trends can change quickly without giving you a chance to make a lot of money quickly. But understanding time and these changes is not easy.

This article aims to delve deep into these crucial aspects and introduce an exceptional tool, the ‘Beyond the Noise‘ technique.

It is commonly assumed that time moves in a straight line, but that is not always the case.

The concept of time in trading is more complex than we usually perceive. While we think of time as a linear progression, where each second ticks by at a steady pace, the reality is different in financial markets.

In markets, Prices may remain stable for an extended period, creating a false sense of linear time.

And then, without warning, they may suddenly surge or plunge within a short span, breaking our illusion of a linear perception and achieving unanticipated highs or lows. These sudden changes indicate that time’s linearity is a mere illusion we hold onto for our comfort.

It is crucial to understand why recent periods differ vastly from previous ones.

Unfortunately, the answers are often hidden within the irrelevant information that is presented to us in today’s world.

Nowadays, most traders believe that having more information will help them make better decisions. However, in trading, ample information may make it more challenging to identify significant points.

spotting trends early
Most traders missed these ‘TWO‘ great opportunities due to linear thinking and using publicly available information (data), which is useless.

The fact remains that trend shifts present more significant profit opportunities.

Once you confirm this, you can focus your trading efforts on these critical points in time. However, it takes a unique skill set to differentiate these moments from all others.

That is where the ‘Beyond the Noise‘ trading technique comes in. It is a rare skill that is worth acquiring.

Catching turns off from sudden market crashes, blow-off tops, and even the many intraday changes in the trend are all part of the ‘Beyond the Noise‘ Technique. This technique works incredibly well, and it is a skill set that is well worth the price of the course.

Finding unique trading points can be difficult without a specialized tool like the ‘Beyond the Noise’ technique shown on the above price chart. That’s why it is crucial to recognize an opportunity when it presents itself.

The WD Gann important trading principle is explained in detail in the ‘Beyond The Noise‘ course. It is one of the most important courses we offer, and missing out on it means missing out on a crucial detail of the Gann trading philosophy.

The tricky nature of time and the importance of trend changes are connected in trading. You need to understand both to do well. – Divesh.

If you’re interested in learning more, please email me at I would happily provide you with all the necessary details about our ‘Beyond The Noise‘ course.

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