How did Gann use the Concept of Time in his Trading Strategies?

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Most traders focus on Price actions and indicators. But W.D. Gann concentrates on an aspect that many traders overlook: the Concept of Time.

Gann also believed that Time has its own Patterns and, when interpreted correctly, can reveal the future of markets. As a well-known figure in the trading industry, Gann did not simply observe price movements but delved into Time’s fundamental nature.

In this blog post, we will discuss the trading strategies of WD Gann that revolve around the Concept of time.

Whether you are a seasoned stock market trader or someone curious about Gann’s work, This article will explore how he integrated time into his trading strategies. So, let’s explore some of the hidden truths behind the Gann time trading methods.

But How did Gann apply the Concept of Time in his trading strategies?

Gann’s perspective on Time was exceptional, setting him apart from most traders and individuals. He viewed Time as a “Structure” made up of many layers, also known as ‘Wheel Within the Wheels‘.

The majority of Gann traders view and use Time linearly.

That means they only know and understand one way to use Time in their trading strategies: They use Time to find a Date or bar to locate a turning point.

However, my years of research and Gann’s charts show that Gann uses Time in two distinct ways in his trading strategies.

The Graphical and the Mathematical Approach. We’ll discuss both approaches of Time in detail.

Graphical Approach: The way Gann represented Time visually was innovative and went beyond traditional methods. He wisely used Time as a critical element in his charts.

Gann’s Graphic approach involved using Angle lines and Overlays of Geometric shapes to gain a deeper understanding of the role of Time in trading. These weren’t your typical charts—Gann’s charts emphasised the significance of Time.

concept of Time
Angle line Chart that shows the Graphical Approach of Time
Gann Price and Time Overlay of Geometric Shapes

On these charts, he carefully plotted future Potential reversals and trend changes. This approach allowed him to visually identify when an event was likely to happen, offering a holistic view that combined Price and Time.

One of the major benefits of this Graphical approach is that it makes the concept of Time easy to see and understand. It’s like having a picture that tells you a story about the market’s future.

Mathematical Approach: WD Gann’s ability to connect numbers and Time in trading was another crucial part of his strategy. His fondness for numbers went beyond price points.

He created Mathematical models that included parameters related to Time. He used these models to predict potential market movements in Price and time based on Natural Geometric Cycles.

Representation of Natural Geometric Cycles

Many of the Gann students believe that his Mathematical Time approach is limited to identifying specific dates or bars. However, this approach extends beyond that and provides much more.

For example, Gann’s personal charts disclose a technique he used to predict and pinpoint price fluctuations, using the concept of Time. That’s valuable information and worth a thousand dollars.

For traders seeking to use the WD Gann time-based strategies, this concise guide is for you:

Gather Your Data: Start by collecting some old trading data. The more data you have, the better.

Start Drawing: Once you have your data, start making your chart. Mark when significant price changes happened. Look for patterns in the timing of these changes.

Factor in Natural Events: This may sound esoteric, but Gann was known to consider lunar phases, equinoxes, and solstices when trading. While modern traders may not extensively study astronomy, but understanding the significant events and their effect on markets can be extremely valuable.

Dive Deeper into the Time Secrets of Gann

For those who’ve made it this far, your journey to understand how Time plays into Markets and trading is only beginning.

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